Looking for a 1/2 Marathon of Inspiration

I love to run, truly. The freedom of the road under your feet and the knowledge you can go anywhere you want. My thoughts become clearer and I actually find solutions to issues while on the road. This year I signed up for the Fifth Annual Army Run  Half Marathon with some fellow teachers. This is the race to find inspiration. From the canon that starts the race, to some of Canada’s finest soldiers running out ahead of the pack, inspiration is created here. (Proud also to say that it is now 100% sold out, both the Half Marathon and the 5km.) On September 23rd, 2012 there will be 9500 runners in the 5km & 8500 in the Half Marathon.

My first passion is hockey, but running is a close second. When I was approached by Under Armour to to test out their new Armour Bra ,  I jumped at the chance. I mean come on, I have be pulled, dug in to and have experienced chaffing by wearing the wrong sports bra. In some cases I have worn 2 bras and a supportive tank top, just to be comfortable. This bra was made for me, proper cup size and band, just what I needed.

When I received the package I was shocked by the attention to detail and I thought the “Little Black Book”, hilarious. Since then I have played in many hockey games and even in my first tourney in 10 years, and this bra did not disappoint. Even when I played 3 games in a day, the bra dried fast and did not lose it’s form and support. Seriously, thanks for that…first time in a long time I have not had war wounds.

The team at Under Armour Women’s division, asked me to challenge myself….so the half is my short term goal on September 23rd, 2012…..I am thinking my long term goal will have to be the Ottawa Race Weekend 2012  full marathon. No I have not signed up for the race yet…but I till keep you all posted.

Besides the nice bra, my inspiration is how amazing I feel after I run. I get the same feeling after I win a face off or finish a check, it’s a rush.

Thanks again UA Women’s Division for seeing me for the athlete that is inside me even when I may forget. Looking forward to my journey with UA Women’s Division. 

Anyone else running soon, or have a long term goal in mind? Let me know!

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