Losing, Loss and Remembering

This year we are losing our principal, to many people this would not be a major issue…you don’t know my principal. I have been with my principal for the past 6 years, every morning he would be there greeting the children and the teachers to begin the day on a positive note. His job each day was to make sure there was respect and manners shown to all members of our team. Our new principal will be wonderful I am sure, but last night after the final staff party, I was emotionally stressed. His new school is lucky to have him, and we will continue to keep his plan in motion.
Loss is a term that is hard to measure. There are different kinds of loss that even escape definition. My loss, in small in comparison to others. My teaching partner, will not be with us next year. She is the A Type person I am not, she is organized, task oriented and laughs at my inconsistent organizational styles. She was the person I leaned on the most and gave the hardest time to when I was on my last nerve. I am at a loss as to what my next school year will look like.
Remembering the opportunities I have had this year, my challenging class, the friends who will not be there next year and the opportunities that lay before me is my goal this summer. I am not a selfish person, but change is difficult. I will remember what I have been taught by my students and staff, and take a step forward into a new school year. I think the summer is going a time to reflect and recharge, remembering what I have lost, and what I still need to learn.

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