Making Changes to our Christmas Lists

My husband and I have been blessed to spend the last thirteen Christmases with our children, friends and family. One of the hardest parts leading up to the holiday season is that epic, loaded question, “What do the kids want for Christmas this year?”.

In an attempt to be polite, many times I have said that anything would be fine. I did not want to impose or seem greedy. As a consequence one Christmas, we ended up with six identical Baby Alive dolls, all drinking, eating and peeing at the same time.

As our oldest entered high school this year, we are now fully aware at how quickly post secondary education is approaching for our family. With three children all within 5 years of each other, we need to start saving for the future. This year our Christmas lists will look much different.

I am very excited to hear that Heritage Education Funds are making it easier for us to save for our children’s future on a global scale. Using the FundRazr platform our family and friends are able to give our children a gift that will help them prepare to further their own educational endeavors. With the Heritage eGifting program, powered by FundRazr, family members from around the world are able to access the campaign online and send my children a monetary gift in a safe and secure way. For those last minute shoppers, this gift can literally be given in minutes with no shipping or wrapping involved.

I am very impressed with the Heritage eGifting program. There are built in sharing features that including sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and via email. There is literally no where on the internet where the platform cannot reach. As an educator, I also appreciate the ease of use, the program offers. This is especially important as grandparents and great aunts will be contributing to my our RESPs this Christmas. Finally, there is help when you need it from personal coaching to how to guides. I found that all of my frequently asked questions were answered. You still have time to set up RESPs with Heritage Education Funds and the eGifting platform before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins.

This Christmas, I will not hesitate to share our wish list items with my friends and family.  I also think that the eGifting with Heritage Education Funds would make an excellent birthday gift, literally I can use eGifting all year round.

If you are interested in finding out more about Heritage eGifting click here . For more information about the FundRazr platform check out the link here.

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