Making Something Old New Again with General Mills

Living in an 1830’s stone home has many disadvantages, from the annual bat infestation to the century old centipedes that run across my feet at 5:30 in the morning and scare the life out of me. One of the advantages however, is the adventure of finding period pieces to complement our home. Now making something old new again in our home is an easy task. We have a traditional pull bell at the front door that the original home owners left for us as a welcoming gift. We have a very old style Singer sewing machine that will still hold a stitch. However, our most classic “brought back to life” item we have found and was this old phone.  

Now this phone is not part of our family’s history, DH found it on eBay. Here is the cool conversational point about this phone, that make is a centrepiece in our home. Do you notice the four numbers, those are actually the last 4 numbers in our home phone number. It was a little creepy when we first noticed the similarities, but now a dinner party does not go buy that it does not come up in conversation. 

The good people at General Mills are reinventing the classic Cheerios cereal we have grown to love as kids. My family and I were lucky enough to have been one of the first taste testers of the new Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch. The kids preferred to snack on the cereal during transition times from gymnastics to swimming to running club rather than in a bowl with milk. I feel good about giving my kids something with crispy oats and nut clusters. My DH is a cereal connoisseur  he just loves cereals. Breakfast, lunch, supper or an after work snack this man loves his cereal. He thought the texture was especially crunchy after the cereal had been sitting in milk. DH said that is important in a good cereal. 

Now this is where I can happily tell you, my readers, that you are able to try this cereal our for yourself for free. The first 25 reader to complete the form will receive a FREE box of Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch. Now once we hit 25 boxes the communication on the link will change to let everyone else know that they have to go to the Life Made Delicious Facebook page for their chance to receive a coupon for a free box redeemable on July 16th.


Click the link below to be one of the first 25 people to pick up a free box of cereal. 

Check out the conversation on Twitter by using the #NHCHeartyOatCrunch hash tag. 

“Disclosure – I am participating in the Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills, and received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.” 

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