March Break at Great Wolf Lodge 2014

*Disclosure – I do not work for Great Wolf Lodge, nor do I get discounted or free rooms. However, I have found great deals online and by calling the lodge directly. 

It was a full house during our last visit over March Break! 

This is our 6th trip to the lodge, since Andie was a little cub we have been making the trek from Ottawa. It is an 7 hour drive, if you add in snack & bathroom breaks and traffic. We usually bring my sister, niece, my parents or family friends to make this a true celebration.

Each year we try something different from Scoops Spa to the Bear Claw Cafe, we have enjoyed many of the amenities the Niagara Falls location has to offer. This year, my niece and I tried the adult only outdoor hot tub. It is the quietest place in the lodge. A small wintery oasis in the middle of the lodge, perfect for a moment of peace and quiet.

We took great pleasure is spraying each other & racing around the structure. 

We called Chipmunk Cove (a haven for toddlers) our home base each time we visited the lodge but as our children have grown, so has their  need for adventure. At 10, 8 and 5 we spent most of our time on the large structure just inside the park.

On a side note: 
I had a very humbling experience, as I was dragging a two person water tube up the 96 stairs to the top of thinking how nice it would be to be sitting in the hot tub again. I started chatting to the parent beside me. He too was heaving a two person water tube as his daughter clambered up the stairs beside him. The father said this was his favourite slide and since his operation this is the only thing his daughter has wanted to do. The man showed me his scar from his breast to his belly button, he has had three surgeries since Christmas to remove tumours that have invaded his body.  I told him how amazingly strong I thought he was. His daughter told me, he was stronger then cancer. Yes, I stopped the inner whine immediately. 

The forrest themed dinning room.  Clean tables, attentive servers and a excellent selection of buffet items.

We loved the breakfast & dinner buffets, each person was able to find their favourite items. Great Wolf Lodge sells meal packages for children and adults, each meal package includes breakfast buffet, a quick service meal and dinner buffet. The children meal package costs approximately $22.00 while the adult meal packages cost approximately $47.00 (Canadian). We typical purchase one pass per person for a two night stay, rather than a package per day.

A diet of pizza and cupcakes for Beckett

This year the three older girls took part in a magical quest at the lodge. Each participant is given a wand that interacts with various artifacts throughout the lodge. This is NOT a one hour event, to complete the quest can take days, literally days! Our three enjoyed the adventure but were to interested in getting back in the water to complete the entire quest.

Yes, that is my triple shot coffee…why do you ask?

Great Wolf Lodge did not disappoint. Even with a completely full house we had no complaints during our stay. One upgrade I must mention is the Northern Lights Arcade. You no longer have carry around coins, everything is tracked and managed by swipe card (BRILLIANT). We did not have a chance to play in the new Ten Paw Bowling lane as we just ran out of time. However, Beckett loved the sounds colours and excitement of the ally.

We cannot wait until our next trip. 

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