McHappy Day is Today !

McHappy Day happens once a year, raising funds for local charities and Ronald McDonald houses across the country. I don’t often talk about my current school as it is a special place with special students and their privacy is important to me. What I can tell you is that my students benefit from this event in the form of donations, opportunities and equipment. Making my student’s lives easier and life in general more accessible for them is the reason I am supporting #McHappyDay. 

Show your support on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media channels with the #McHappyDay hash tag or better yet visit a local restaurant. 

I will be buying coffee tomorrow morning for my Office Administrator, Chief Custodian, Principal and 5 unsuspecting teachers in support of #McHappyDay. 

*** A donation to the Ronald McDonald house was made in my name for creating this blog post.

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