Meeting A Canadian Hero & Pionneer of Women’s Hockey

Cassie Campbell-Pascall and I have many things in common, we both love playing hockey, embrace motherhood, happily married, proud Canadians and are both advocate for children in need. While we have many important commonalities, Cassie has left an historical footprint on the game of hockey and Canadian history. Tomorrow night I will meet this true Canadian hero has made Canadian & Olympic history. 

Cassie is best know for her leadership role on the 2002 & 2006 as the Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey Team captain. It was her leadership that led the Canadian Women’s team to win two gold medals at both Olympic Winter Olympics games. 

However, these Olympic accomplishments are only some of what Cassie has achieved. In 2007 Cassie was inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame, she was the first woman hockey player to be bestowed that honour. In 2012 she was one of the first recipients of the Order of Hockey in Canada, which is an award given out annually by Hockey Canada that honours Canadian ice hockey players and recognizes their contributions to the game. In another historical moment for Cassie, she made television broadcast history in 2006 by being the first female colour analyst along with Bob Cole to call the Leaf and Bruins game. 

Cassie also authored a book called H.E.A.R.T., on her website  her book is described as: 

In H.E.A.R.T., Cassie Campbell-Pascall provides a very intimate and detailed look at what it takes to succeed, in life and in hockey. In her first biography aimed primarily at the YA audience, Cassie Campbell-Pascall recounts real life experiences, revealing her struggles, her determination, and courage to succeed. Told through candid and encouraging words, and fully illustrated throughout with numerous photos from the authors personal collection, H.E.A.R.T. provides all fans of the game with a glimpse of what it takes to succeed in the fastest game in the world.

Part of the proceeds from the sales of this book, go to the Ladies First Foundation, benefiting the training and family support of Team Canada’s women’s hockey players.

Each year Cassie runs a street  hockey tournament in support of Ronald McDonald House in Calgary, Alberta. She is also a proud supporter of helping women and children living in poverty by helping them help their families and communities escape poverty. She is an ambassador of Hockey Canada’s Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Program along with Hockey Hall of Famers Bobby Orr and Mike Bossy. She is also an advisor to Scotiabank and it’s hockey programs.

Needless to say I am a little nervous. I loved playing hockey and during the highlight of my hockey career I was trying out to play on a Sr. Women’s competitive team in Ottawa. It was an amazing opportunity for me as a hockey player and I was ready. I just could not understand why I was so tired after the tryout and felt so sick. I headed to my GP to see what she thought, it turns out I was four months pregnant with my first child. I have not played competitive hockey since then. When I hear the familar thud of a hockey stick hitting the puck or skates cutting into fresh ice I have a small sense of longing for a time when I played.
In the last few years I have played again, in coed leagues and women’s leagues. I still get the butterflies, goosebumps and nervous twitch when I am at the face off dot, nothing better.

Meeting with someone who has accomplished all of her hockey dreams and beyond will be an item to check off my bucket list.  

I wonder if we will have time for a game of shinny after the event? 

I will be live tweeting from the event with the hash-tag #ChevyWWIC tomorrow night, following along and send me any questions you many have. 

Thanks to @GMCanada for this amazing experience. 

Below is a video of Cassie describing the steps need to be a better skater…so another similarity she is a teacher as well! 


  1. That would be awesome… it would be kind of like me meeting Imelda Marcos… she and I just love shoes… LOL I have a whole lot of respect for any women that plays hockey so my hats off to you!

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