Mom Guilt and the Truth about Camp : 2012 Edition

I have been hesitant about sending my kids to camp. I think partially because I am home during the summer and I want to spend quality time with them.  I thought the best idea was to keep them at home with me. That is what good Moms do right? Of course there all three are active in swimming lessons, play dates and family field trips. It’s not like we never leave the house.
At one point we we were having what you might call a ‘rough morning’. I have never claimed to be a perfect parent and this was not my finest moment. I had one small email to send out, just one…not more than a paragraph. Each time I sat down to write, there was an argument, spilt milk or someone decided to put peanut butter on the one of the dogs paws…it was only 7:30am. That was it…..”I am sending you all to CAMP”
Noooooooooo Mommmy…It’s like jail for kids..Nooooooooo! You told us so ……
It was true, I had vilified camp. (I might have even said in a moment of weakness that I might send them to church camp to have the devil beat out of them. )
Taking a little step back …..I have been following Candace Alper, owner of Name Your Tune CD’s posts & the emotional journey she had been on as her daughter left for overnight camp (and the subsequent choice to stay for an extra 10 days.)  She was honest in her emotions and didn’t try to sugar coat the experience. This was a camp that Candace herself attended, so there was an; historical comfort for her & her daughter. Her daughter Hannah, has a blog called Call Me Hannah, is one of Katie’s booked marked pages. Katie really enjoyed reading about Hannah’s reflections and experiences about life through the eyes of a little girl just like her. Katie has also thought about starting a blog called “Why do boys smell like goats?……don’t worry it’s a working title.
Flash Forward….’I don’t care kids, get in the car’. Lunches packed ready to go, five minutes later we arrived at the community centre. Beckie was the first one gone…Bye Mommy love you…and off he went with a cute, curly haired, blonde cherub. ‘Wait’ I yelled, ‘what about a kiss and a hug?’
KT saw a friend from school and gave me a quick hug, not to embarrass herself by showing affection to her mother in public, and poof she was gone as well. Then there was AndiePandie…she clung to my leg, adamant she was not going to camp. From around the corner we saw a family friend, instantly she loosened her death grip on my leg. Within five minutes she was building an airplane at one of the craft tables.

I backed away slowly waiting for some to yell out and come running to me in hysterics, but it never happened. At pick up time AndiePandie was the first to say Camp was awesome, can we can back tomorrow?

So what is the truth? I have keeping my kids at home and limiting there summer fun because I thought they could only have quality time with me during the summer. What an eye opener that my kids can have amazing adventures that do not include me. Truth is, that is kind of hard to swallow.
Overnight Camp is in our future. I think….No, I know it will be me that has the hardest time saying goodbye. 

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