My Adopted Son from Haiti

Had a very vivid dream last night that I adopted a child from Haiti, a little boy Beckett’s age, his name was Thomas. They grew just like brothers, fighting, playing, each others best friends. I kept seeing snapshots of their moments together , but one picture kept repeating..Beckett and Thomas hand in hand, the contrast between the two skin colours was stark but neither boy noticed the difference. One flash in the dream showed Katie, Andie and the two boys playing at the pool, and Andie grabbing some other little boy around the neck and throwing him on the deck for trying to touch Thomas’s dark skin. So real, I really wonder what I am supposed to learn from that dream. Am I too look into adopting one of the orphans from Haiti, should I be thinking about having another baby? Or should I be looking at adopting a boy from here in Canada? I have been unable to watch the news coverage of the human tragedy that has taken place in Haiti, but this boy in my dreams haunts me. I have donated money, I have there something else I need to do?

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  1. Wow what a haunting dream! Maybe you’re not necessarily supposed to adopt, but take care of “Thomas” in another way – by raising awareness and speaking out on his behalf, in support of Haitians and always keeping their plight in our hearts and in our minds… I find that once something is out of the news we can sometimes forget that there’s a nation still in turmoil over there, as we get on with our lives… Great blog, Sherrie 🙂

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