My Best #LifeAdvice

Over the years I have had many strong and wonderful leaders influence me along my path. Most of the leaders I have interacted with have given me words of wisdom or pearls of knowledge that have helped me. But there is one piece of #LifeAdvice I received that has resonated with me for close to 25 years. 

My father’s advice made little sense at the time and my 15 year old self didn’t quite understand it’s full meaning. In a very small way his advice has been a reminder for me to pause and think before jumping into a situation and or partnership my entire professional career. 

“If you lay down with dogs, 
you are going to get fleas.”

I am working with an amazing group of people who are also sharing their best #LifeAdvice with Manulife. Check out their blogs and videos: 

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There are also some amazing vlog offerings from the #LifeAdvice campaign: 

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Take a moment to think about who has given you great life advice and thank them! 

@Manulife is asking you to spread some positive by thanking those in your life who have given you great #LifeAdvice. Take a moment to #PayItForward by thanking someone important to you.

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