My Embarrassing Hands …..

So a little history might be needed here. Growing up in a small town my employment options were limited. Besides babysitting or working on local farms the only job available was working in a restaurant. I started at the bottom of the restaurant business…literally. I started by peeling potatoes in the basement of a local restaurant, it was actually not a bad job. But my hands really took a beating from the cold water to literally peeling the eyes of thousands of potatoes, my hands now show & feel my age.

During a visit to Adi Shesha yoga studio I had the opportunity to meet ML & Fadi a dynamic duo of marketing expertise in Ottawa. While at the yoga studio I tried out several of the products in the pop up store front. I have to be careful what products I use because my skin, especially my hands are so sensitive. I find some creams burn my skin or give me a rash or they have too much fragrance. Working in a public setting,  I am unable to wear any perfumed products do to allergies, so I need mostly fragrant free items during the day.

After making a very organic connection with Fadi, I had the opportunity to test several products from  THANN . My family helped in the testing process in order to give a more well rounded view of the product lines. My favourite product, that really held up to it’s promise, was the Jasmine Blossom Infinite Hand Cream. I have a bias as I do love the smell of jasmine, so this product was easy for me to embrace. After getting ready for bed,  I would later my hands with the THANN Jamsine Blossom Infinite hand cream and put on my little mittens to keep the cream in place. Usually by this time of year my hands are cracked and dry from both the weather and my hockey gloves. But with a little bit of TLC and the Jasmine Infinite hand cream, I am not suffering as I usually would this time of year.

My oldest daughter lips crack and bleed whenever she smiles during the winter time due to the dryness of our home and at her school. The worst time of day is the morning when she wakes up. We have tried  drinking water before bed, lip smackers even Vaseline and nothing has worked. I gave her the THANN Rice Extract Lip Balm to try. Katie uses the lip balm before bed, in the morning and after recess. The little leather pouch the lip balm is stored in, is a lovely touch. Katie finds it easy to find in her backpack at school and I think it makes her feel a little bit special to have such a fancy lip balm just for her. This year she was not afraid to smile for Christmas pictures, no cracking!

My sister, who owns a spa in Erin, Ontario, tried the Sea Foam Rice Extract Body Milk. Lisa is the owner of the Spa at Belfountain. She is also a bit of a product snob, using only the best products at her spa with her clients. Lisa loved the smell and overall feel of the body milk and has asked me to buy her more for her birthday this year. That is a ringing endorsement!

I’d like to thank ML & Fadi ( one of Ottawa’s 40 under 40 award winners) for introducing me to this fabulous line of products. I also had the opportunity to sit down and interview Fadi and get to know him & his entrepreneurial spirit a little bit better. You can check out my interview with Fadi on

Interestingly, Fadi & ML have created a company SkyFall Blue which is described as “a boutique full- service business development, web development, marketing and public relations agency specializing in strategic communications, social media, brand awareness, and creative production”.  A perfect addition to the social media landscape in North America & the World.

The best part about this post is that I have 100.00 THANN Gift Certificate for one of my readers. No hoops to jump through, just tell me which product from the THANN line you would like to try. That’s it, really. Which product would you like to start the new year with and yes, THANN ships worldwide, so this giveaway is open to anyone! I will contact the winner on January 3rd 2013. You can enter once a day and tweet once a day for an extra entry.

You can find THANN on twitter @Thannskincare & @20YS

Disclaimer  – I was given several THANN products to experience, at no cost. The opinions & adventures described are my own.


  1. Thanks for your post. I am always looking for great skin products. The hand cream above sounds fabulous as I always have rough hands and the lip balm your daughter used would be fabulous for my 8 year old daughter because she also gets the dry, chapped lips and bleeding during the winter months. 🙂

  2. I work for an eco company, so I am picky about my products and their ingredients. I would love to try the Oriental Essence shampoo. Everything they sell is reasonably priced, considering the ingredient list. Looking forward to trying some soon!

  3. My hands are cracked beyond belief. It is the winter cold I think. I never used to have this problem, so its probably age too! It hurts . Hopefully Thann would help. They lip butter sounds good too!

  4. I would love to try the Rice Extract Lip Balm! My lips are always dry and it can be embarrassing since I work a customer service job. I don’t have time to sneak to the bathroom during work to always put on chapstick.. I need something that will last!

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