My Secret: It has been a decade since my last dentist appointment….

Dental chair selfie

Truth of the matter is it that it has been 10 years since I had my teeth scaled, polished, x-rayed or checked…I think you get the picture. The first question I am sure you are asking is WHY? Why the hell would you wait 10 years to have your teeth checked & cleaned.

As a child my parents would take all three of us ankle biters to a dentist in Mount Forest, Ontario. We called him a butcher behind his back & he had no beside manner, a real piece of work. Even as a little kid I knew I never wanted to be alone with this man, he gave me a really bad feeling. Regardless, I was very lucky and had several routine fillings done and that was that.
As an adult I fell into finding a fabulous dentist on my hockey team, she fixed what needed fixing and changed some of my childhood fillings to new white ones. Sara was the type of dentist that would make me fall asleep in the chair, not out of boredom, but because I was so relaxed. She met a handsome man, got married, ran away to the eastern part of Canada and has a very successful practice in the Maritimes.

Girls looking at my x-rays

I never actually looked for a new dentist because  I found out I was pregnant and my life changed. I put myself last
in every situation, everything revolved around my own little ones, just like my parents modelled for me. Now before you get all “Judgy McJudgy Pants” on me here, I am not blaming my children actually I am embarrassed at the choices I made. All three children go to the dentist every 6 months, all fillings are filled, treatments are completed and moulds for retainers made but I was leaving myself out. Being an educator the best time for appointments is the summer & holidays, so yesterday as my DD9 had her cleaning, the OA asked when I was coming in. Of course AndiePandie was listening and asked the question I was dreading:

Mommy why don’t you ever go to the dentist? We go all the time…what about you?

Checking my jaw. 

Craptastic…Turns out I was able to have an appointment the very next day. As the dental hygienist asked when I was in last, and uttered oh my 10 years….really.... I know this was going to be ugly. However, I was wrong.

Not only did Shelley the hygienist tell me I have lovely teeth with very little plaque build up, she also let my children watch the entire cleaning. She was VERY patient as the girls peppered her with questions like:

“Are you married, Why are you married, Did you go to University, Why are you doing that, Does my mom have gingivitis or cavities”.

Mugging for the camera

So the real question I have to ask myself today is, why. Why
have I put my health at risk by not going to the dentist? I have no truly horrific experiences to make me avoid the dentist, so what was keeping me? Truth of the matter is I realize that this has been a trend in my life since having children. I am attempting to make changes to put myself first, but it is not easy. I wonder what I will do next to put myself first?

I realize taking care of myself is an important component of setting a good example for my children to follow. Dental check up done & appointment set for July 25th 2014…other “Things to Do” this summer checked off my list…

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