My Short & Sweet Sunday Post

Each day I go to work.

Nothing earth shattering in that statement, I agree. However, I love my job. I cannot wait to see my students and staff. Bottom line, I am blessed to work there. Working in a special needs school this year has been a huge learning curve, I can admit I was a little green when I started. I was mentored and helped by a family, not a staff,  to become the administrator I am today. With only weeks left in my school year, I cannot wait for my next school year to begin so I can  show my staff how much I have grown. 

I watched the hyper circulated Dove Canada #WeAreBeautiful commercial and I had a strong emotional response. If asked,  I would describe myself as fluffy, with freckles, a gobbler and dark 1/2 moon Joe Louis under my eyes. Funny stuff I know, but true. More importantly then what I think, I would love to hear how my students & children would describe me. That matters to me more than living up to an unattainable goal of beauty that society has put before me. What words would they use to capture who I am? 

What is the correlation between the my school and this Dove commercial? I see how people see my students. I see the fear of the unknown in their eyes. I would love for people to see my students they way my staff and I do, for the beautiful people they are inside & out. 

Bottom line, I like the commercial. I think Dove Canada is taking a step in the right direction. Are they perfect..well no, Are You? 

This was not a sponsored post..this is my own baguette filled & coffee inspired Sunday Morning rant. 

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