My Sister…Chain of Confidence Challenge.

I know. I know everyone has the best sister in the world but let me tell you about how mine inspires me. Being my older sister, she has been my caretaker since the age of the 3. Everything  she did , I did , everything she wanted in pink, I wanted in baby blue and that was the way it was for the first 15 years of my life. My sister had a rough time during school because no one saw her creative side, her dramatic gifts and her singing talents. But most of all no one realized her compassionate side and how she could help others. She opened her first spa in a small town and instantly was recognized as a gifted intuitive. Her word of her talents spread quickly, and a loyal following of clients has made her spa a raging success. Sure, I could tell you about her challenges in life and her divorce but that would no be why she is my inspiration. She in my inspiration in spite of all the challenges she has face not because of them. She has raised a beautiful 10 year old independently and assisted me in delivering all three of my mini mee’s. What more could I want from a sister, my inspiration

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  1. That is a beautiful tribute to your sister! I am sure it made her day to know how she has inspired and motivated you. As for the challenges, that whats makes her inspiring! SHe overcame and trailed a path for you to follow… that my love is an amazing woman!

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