Mythical Creatures vs. Mennonites

I am trying to put myself in AndiePandie’s shoes. Her view of the world is much different then mine. She speaks her mind, with little or no filter. However, it can be slightly embarrassing or maybe even seen as rude to others. That is not how I see it. She is a creative, introspective and intelligent little girl wrapped up in a tiny little package, with just a hint of sass. Andie has had several comments that have become legendary, if she was not my kid I would not believe the stories either. However, today’s little quip tops the list.

Knock, Knock…..
Mythical Creatures …

In her defence, she is a city girl. I, on the other hand grew up with a cornfield to my right and cows right around the corner. I went to school with Mennonite children, played ball against them and saw them working hard each day. AndiePandie has only ever seen Mennonites when we come home to visit my parents. This morning one the elders of our Mennonite community knocked  on the door, to speak to my Dad, just as we were  trying to get four little ones out the door for horse camp.

Picture it…Me: “Andie get dressed, Katie brush your teeth, Mackenzie brush your hair…For God’s sake Beckie get some clothes on! Oh god …who is at the door ?.. Andie get the door…”

AndiePandie: O.M.G Mommy…There is a leprechaun at the door……….. #thatisall


    • I just did not know what to do…As I ushered the kids out the door his horse and buggy were parked behind my car….You just can’t make this stuff up….stranger than fiction Steph!

    • I know Mel, I look back today as it seems funnier than it did yesterday. That awkward silence as the elder stood looking at me and AndiePandie. I was not sure if he knew what a leprechaun was 🙂

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