No Reservations required at Taylor’s Genuine Wine and Food Bar

As I read the article in the Ottawa Citizen (
this morning I could feel my blood pressure rising. Jackson Gard was barred from entering a restaurant.  No he was not causing a ruckus, drunk or disorderly, or trying to panhandle the customers the real issue…he was wearing a diaper.
The restaurant owners claim several reasons for this action;

1. He is not a paying customer , fair but do they charge a chair tax for the Designated Driver who is not partaking in the wine of their bar?
2. There is no room for a high chair/car seat…fine, but what about a person with disabilities, is there room for a wheel chair, what about a walker for one of our aging population or are they barred as well?
3. There is no change table, there is a solution for that, many times I have been in a place where there was no change table and managed to find a solution and no I did not change my babies in the middle of the dining table…what about a wheelchair accessible bathroom?
4. Breastfeeding, Really?, have we not dealt with this issue. In Ontario, women are freely able to bare their breasts in public legally. In a place of business or restaurant a wrap,  blankie or nursing cover can be used to cover the dreaded breast so no other human being can be offended.

I think the owners have misses the point on this issue. Mom’s, Aunties, Grandma’s and young women rule the marketing/consumer world. By alienating one of us, you have slighted many. Customers no matter what their size are always right. This is something that I do believe with come back to haunt this establishment. As I prepare for a summer of playing tour guide to many friends, relatives in the Glebe, no reservations will be required for Taylor’s Genuine Wine and Food Bar.

This is my personal opinion.


  1. WELL SAID!! I don’t live in Ottawa anymore, but the only time I go out without my kids is when we’re here visiting. Needless to say if my husband and I go out, we won’t be patronizing THAT establishment. I’ll save my money for restaurants where they welcome EVERYONE.

  2. kaitlin

    I’m pretty sure that the woman was not barred from the restaurant. She was told that the atmosphere wasn’t conducive to children. She was never told she couldn’t feed the baby. Sure, it’s bad customer service to not be accommodating, but it’s hardly worthy of a human rights tribunal.

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