Our Athletic March Break

During our March Break my children experienced their first adventure at a multi-sport athletic camp. KT is a natural swimmer, she’s loved the water since birth. I tend to think it had to do with me doing flips in the local pool when she was breech at 38 weeks. This March Break, KT decided to complete her Bronze Star, which is basically the first step in becoming a lifeguard. Her instructor mentioned that she was a mentor to several of the younger participants and that KT should possibly take her Bronze Medallion this spring. 

AndiePandie loves gymnastics, she decided to attend her club’s gymnastics invitational camp three of the five days. She is in a club that understands her high standards and pushes her to be the best she can be. AndiePandie’s coaches are former gymnasts and certified teachers that make her feel successful each and every practice. This was an excellent way for her to have small group instruction and keep her skill base high over the break. 


Beckett loves to be in motion, there is not a sport that he does not want to try. This March Break I enrolled him into an athletic camp that focused on the LTADM by playing modified sports that are appropriate for his age & skill level. 

The only downside was that our breakneck school year schedule did not get a reprieve. One of the challenges was keeping the kids car sickness at bay during the drive into camp each day The two youngest took Gravol Kids in the morning when we left for camp, while KT took the adult formula. I found the Bastile the most helpful for keeping me presentable each morning for drop off & my Starbucks run. 

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