Our Family Quaker Journey!

About a month ago, my family and I started a journey. My husband and I decided it was time to take steps to put healthy eating at the top of our priorities. We knew we had to start somewhere so we started with breakfast. The wonderful people at MomCentral Canada, were looking for people interested in started their own Quaker Journey, the timing could not have been better. 

Our Family
My husband is a snacker, he hates regimented meal times. So instead of eating breakfast at a certain time, he has a huge container of plain Quaker Oats at work. He heats a bowl up whenever he feels hungry for his first meal of the day. He has noticed he is not as hungry, during that 11am slump he used to feel. He thinks he also is sharper throughout the day, which is a bonus. 
I like the Reduced Sugar Apples and Cinnamon Quaker cereal. I catch a bite to each at 7:45 before I begin teaching. In my experience I have found that I am less hungry come nutrition break time. This is a good thing because my staff room is a plethora of treats. Birthday cakes, candy, fundraising chocolate bars and cookies are always dumped in the staffroom. Without a full belly, I would have been the first one to start hoovering down the chocolate. Thanks to my Quaker Journey have been able to say no, more that I have said yes to those treats. 

My middle daughter, who is dramatic and over zealous at the best of times, lives by routines. Each morning between 5:45 am and 6:00 am, without fail, she has Apples and Cinnamon Quaker cereal, with a little bit of milk and blueberries.  She cuddles up on the couch with her cereal, blankie and cartoons and gets ready for her day with a good breakfast. She likes her quiet time, and once she if finished eating she happily chats about the day ahead. 

Our journey to healthy eating is measured in baby steps. Breakfast, including our own Quaker Journey has been the first step. Next we are incorporating two veggies and one fruit in all of our lunches. Baby steps are the key to making changes and the Quaker Journey made that step easier for us. Check out Lynne’s journey as she makes positive changes in her life as well with her personal Quaker Journey at http://www.quakerjourney.ca/ .
 Disclosure – I am participating in the Quaker Journey to Wellness program by Mom Central on behalf of Pepsi Co. I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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