Our First Back to School Shopping Extravaganza

Start your back to school shopping engines !

We are a family of “back -to-schoolers”, we love going back to school. Truth of the matter is I have been heading back to school since the 1970’s. As kids, each August we would scour the Back to School ads in the newspapers and make lists of what we needed for the first day of school. Now, my three mini me’s and I search Google for the best back to school deals, how times have changed. 

Middle School Ready! 

Back to school time for my family means the end of swim team, no longer living on cottage time and no more days filled with spontaneous travel and activities. 

It also means a fresh start, new teachers, new classrooms and in some cases a new school.

We tend to break up our back to school shopping adventures into several smaller chunks. Our first adventure is usually entails going over the list of school supplies the kids “need” for school and cross referencing that list with the “wants”. Each year we also invest in Mabel’s Labels to make sure our school supplies do not go missing in action. Next we tackle the school clothing, comfy pants, shirts, sweaters, socks and fall jackets. In our last trip we forage for indoor shoes, outdoor shoes, umbrellas, back pack, lunch kits and locker accessories. 

We have one last back to school tradition, after all the shopping is done, labelled and packed ready for the first day of school we run away to the cottage for our last weekend on the lake. 

Are we there yet? 

I realize this is not the same reality for all families and that back to school can be a stressful time when money is not available for back to school purchases. My family and I understand that people in our community need a little help going back to school, so each year we donate new school supplies to a charity in order to help students go back to school on the right foot. This year we have chosen to donate to the Kemptville Youth Centre, it is a local charity that focuses on the character development of our local youth population.

According to the website Kemptvilleyc.com :

“Their mission is to engage YOUTH in making positive life choices in a socially accepting environment to reach their full potential as responsible and productive citizens.

Their vision is to develop a generation of citizens who have respect and understanding of the world around them and have the tools to make a difference.

Their core values: Accepting; Supportive; Unique; Accountable

Their purpose is to provide and engage the YOUTH of our community with opportunities to participate in positive and active life choices through mentoring, social and knowledge based activities to encourage personal growth.”

This year I will be supporting the Kemptville Youth Centre as well as several other Ottawa based charities that help students in the OCDSB. I also am encouraging, you my readers, to donate to the youth in your community. Just think of the feeling of starting the school year off with new school supplies and a fresh start at success.

High School Ready! 

What are your back to school traditions? Do you donate to Back to School Drives in your community? Do you break the back to school shopping into chunks or do you “go for it” in one trip?

Sherrie-Mae 🙂

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