Our Halloween Traditions

Halloween holds a special spot in my childhood memory. Walking around our small town with my older brother and sister encouraging me to keep going. The ladies from the church commenting on how much we’ve grown or how much we look like our parents. Now my husband and I are transplants to the little town we live in just outside of Ottawa. Two of my children were born here, but we are still “new” according to the locals. 

I wanted to make sure we had Halloween traditions like I did as a kid. In our house we would eat our dinner in costume and wait for the first “trick or treater” to come to our door before we could leave the house. My Dad would make sure we had “a starter” amount of candy while I will always remember my mom coloring my brother’s hair black with black soot from our fire place. 

Our traditions now include my BGF & F (best girl friend & family) coming over for dinner, and then we get our kids dressed up together and take the entire brood around our neighborhood while the DH’s stay at the house in the Adirondacks chairs and hand out candy and contemplate the state of the world. Needless to say we all get what we need, time to chat, exercise and an opportunity spend time together. These traditions run deep but we are open to widening our circle and had several other families invited along this year for the celebrations. 

Candy is a staple at Halloween, any candy really chocolate, gum, chips you name it we have it, but this year I wanted to try something different. There are so many allergies  my students, family friends and kid’s classmates suffer from that I wanted to make trick or treating more accessible to more people. I decided to offer choices instead of just candy this year. After speaking to the Goldfish ladies at Blissdom it made sense to have Goldfish crackers as an option. I know that my kids love them as a snack and my students who are allergic to nuts can safely have Goldfish as well. What I did not realize was that at Halloween, Goldfish crackers are sold in 50 packs and are much more affordable then candy. This year we had 240 kids at our house for Halloween,  by the end of the night I had 11 of the 200 bags of Goldfish crackers left over.  I think the kids have spoken and next year it will  be a tradition to have Goldfish crackers again as well as other choices as alternatives to candy…. but not Quinoa, I draw the line at Quinoa. 

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