1. ivy pluchinsky

    My #FujiSummerFun bucket list includes going to the beach, picnics, bonfires, and bbq’s! And maybe a road trip

  2. Marlene J

    My #FujiSummerFun bucket list this summer is festivals, concerts, parks, patios, amusements parks, walks & whatever it is.

  3. joy

    perhaps tent camping? lots of activities around Ottawa, hopefully. Would be great to have a camera to commemorate Canada’s 150th!

  4. Carole D

    Our #FujiSummerFun bucket list this summer is to bring my granddaughters to the Discovery Wildlife Park It’s a 90 acre zoo, with over 40 species of orphaned animals. Can’t wait!

  5. Tara Betterley

    I am hoping to get to Ottawa for Canada Day Festivals.. I also want to find my Canadian quilt and see more of this beautiful county in my trailer.

  6. kristen visser

    on my #FujiSummerFun bucket list is taking my daughters to Ripley’s Aquarium and Toronto Zoo for their first time

  7. Jenn

    On my #FujiSummerFun bucket list this summer is camping, going to a drive in movie, and going to the water park

  8. I loved the shot of Andie during her meet. You were able to capture her in action so well with this camera. This is an impressive function I would want because I would want to capture more shots like that.

  9. Traveling! We would like to take the kids camping to be around nature for a night. We would also like to visit my family in Toronto, as we only really see them once a year. Finally, we would like to discover more of the Outaouais region together.

  10. Kim Tanti

    We are going down to the big apple. It is on the way to my mothers house. She is 93 and likes the pies for there. Our 15 yr. old daughter is going out to Calgary to visit our older daughter and her hubby. This camera will get a great work out.

  11. Krista M

    My #FujiSummerFun bucket list includes taking the kids to the Calgary Stampede to enjoy the rides & exhibitions! Plus lots of swimming, boating & tubing when we go camping in a couple weeks!

  12. Luzviminda Gunter-Smith

    My #FujiSummerFun just started last weekend when I have to clean the deck to have it painted because of too much rain recently it got in a very bad condition, so I would like to preserve the wood a bit, give it a tlc by cleaning and started painting since last week and not finish until now, because of the weather. I took a pick of before and will take the after when comlleted, hoping I will have the chnace for this camera so it will took the result beautifully, I am only using my tablet or phone so it’s not the sharp, preparing for the canada 150 so we can have a great bbq to share with my family and friends on last week of June we have a big party so it’s my camera the witness of this by snapping a stolen shots of my family. Well hoping for a better rest of the year as the new year is not because of the flooding that we have encontered, there’s only so much we can do for summer so it’s the house sorrounding so not much travel but staying in for a while. Thank you for the chance.

  13. Mandy

    We’d like to do a short road trip this summer with the family before everyone moves further away from each other.

  14. Amie

    Id like to get back to Hamilton and see some more waterfalls , and some fun road trips , maybe some camping to !

  15. Andrea Amy

    We are planning a road trip out to Victoria (from Calgary). It will be the first time for my 7 and 8 year old sons and the 2nd time for my 9 year old (who was only 1 last time we went).

  16. June Murphy

    My major #FujiSummerFun bucket list is to go to the Galapagos with my family. That would be an epic #FujiSummerFun

  17. em

    more concerts, going to Wet’n’Wild, fishing and hoping to go to Montreal to see my family. They haven’t seen baby yet

  18. Dana Miller

    We have a ton of fun things on our #FujiSummerFun bucket list this summer! We plan to camp with friends, go to the ocean, and take the ferry to Vancouver Island to visit cousins. I am going to teach my daughter to ride her bike without the training wheels. We are going to have picnics, and go hiking, go on rides at the adventure park, mini-golf, and have a sleepover at Grandma’s.

  19. My #FujiSummerFun bucket list will include tons of camping with my family and fun with my grandchildren.We want to spend Canada Day in Ottawa on Parliament Hil!There will also be days of biking and hiking because we are adventurous.We are also planning a trip to Cape Briton and driving out East to see the Cabot Trail…..so excited!!

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