Katie and her Kindle

My oldest daughter Katie is a lucky little girl. Katie is learning how to read using the Kindle. We opted to get Katie the smaller of the 2 models as she is only 6 years old. What a change this has made to our learning and reading experience. As an [Read more...]

Arbonne Sample Giveaway!

I have a wonderful friend who gave me samples of the latest Arbonne products. I want to be clear I do not sell this product of do I profit from the sale of these products. My oldest daughter had extrmemly sensitive skin and I have struggled to find a [Read more...]

A solution for Haiti

PANDIE! Pandie-Bear...where are you? I came to an abrupt halt as I saw Andie sitting by the bay windows in the TV room looking out the window at the blowing snow. ( it had been 5 minutes without hearing her sing, yell or scream so I went looking for [Read more...]