Paying if forward with Sobeys this Holiday Season

Sending a little good karma….
I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I returned home from school last night. The good people at Sobeys sent me a little package. It was a brochure of their latest Private Label collection ,just in time for Christmas entertaining and a gift card. Now that in itself is a lovely little something to come home to, but there was more…a letter inside stated:

“And because the holidays are all about sharing, we invite you to spread some holiday cheer to a friend on Twitter! Tweet one friend a holiday message with #SobeysCheer and we will send your holiday pal a Sobeys Gift Card, too!” 
Not only is Sobeys taking a little of the pressure off my pocket book but they let give a special tweep a little something as well. Like a pay it forward for a special social media twitter friend.

I chose someone who made it possible to my family and I to have an adventure together. She did not ask for payment she willingly gave of herself, her talents and her time.  Thank you to Anathea (@AnatheaT) for all she has done for me in the past and Sobeys for giving her a little shopping fun for the future. It’s nice when good karma falls in your lap and you can give it away to a deserving person….

***Disclaimer….Sobeys sent me a basket of goodies & a gift card for my Christmas needs. They did not ask me to post this message, nor publicize the fact that I gave away a gift card to a friend…..These opinions are my own and I like them.

Will I see you tonight at the #LoveSobeys Twitter Party tonight?
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