Pink is for Boys

Pink is for Boys 
This summer is one of realizing that there are things I cannot change and things that I can. I am only starting to understand the importance of know the difference between the two. Things I cannot change: people’s bad manners and unbecoming attitudes; the weather; the way people look at the world and their impact on it; how people view the choices I make and the stands I take. Things I can & do change; the happiness level of my children, family and friends; the positive environment in which my children are raised; the level of optimism in my classroom and setting a good example of social interaction for my children. 
Am I perfect? Far from it….but I try to be the example rather than cause. When my son drops his cup on the ground and out comes “mother of pearl” rather other gems he has let loose, I think I doing just fine. I let my kids make choices, nothing that can ever truly harm them, but there are lessons within the choices they make, I must let them experience. 
For example my 3 year old son, was complaining about his feet hurting, when I took of his faithful Diego Crocs (fake crocs actually) he had huge blisters on his arches (insert Mommy guilt here). Down to the basement we went looking for the larger size I had bought on sale months earlier. However, he spotted a pink pair of Crocs, with dark pink flowers on the them, they had never been worn (insert Andie’s sarastic “Are you crazy, I don’t wear pink” tone here) and he instantly loved them. What am I supposed to tell him…Sorry Beckie, those are pink and real boys don’t wear pink? He wore them to our caregivers house, and I gave the two older boys there the LOOK ( if-you-even-look-at-my-boy-sideways-because-of-his-shoes-it-is-over). 
At some point someone will notice and make a comment, they way I react will dictate how my children handle difficult situations in the future. Grace under pressure is how I hope I will handle the situation, however instinctually I will want to give the time honoured gender bias lecture about the colour differences and the importance of acceptance. 
And just think…it’s just the beginning of summer, so much more to discover and adventures to be had 🙂 Great to be back writing, the ‘school daze’ is least for another nine weeks. 

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