Prepping for Swim Team….Already….

Yes, I know there is still snow on the ground and swim team registration is two months away to the day but……We are already prepping for our weekend swim meets. The swim suits, goggles & caps have been bought and the ever important cooler bag has been replaced. 

My challenge is that prep work for the weekend long meets gets left to the last minute and we end up with “less than” nutritious snacks & beverages. 
If you know where I live, you also know that I live no where near a Starbucks..that is an issue. I brew my coffee at home with fresh coffee beans (right now I am hooked on the Blonde Roast) but at swim meets I am drinking sludgy water-coffee grime filled bitter coffee and we are eating snack bar food. This year we have decided to make a plan and make a difference in our swim meet snacking habits. 

Personally, I have upwards of 40 kids at each swim meet that I have to make sure get to their events on time, including my own three little fish. That means I have to have my ‘A’ game face on….at all times. Last week Starbucks Canada let me know about a new line of Refreshers, I had previously tried the in-store Refreshers and lime was my hands down favourite. The kids have decided that fresh smoothies, frozen at night and kept in the cooler bag might be the best way to cool down and get some of the important fruit they need to keep energized. 

So here are the new Starbucks Refresher flavours:
Raspberry Pomegranate, Orange Melon and Strawberry Lemonade. I have only tried the Raspberry Pomegranate so far on the recommendation of my friend Laurel who tried it during her last trip to Florida (jealous much?). At a price point of 2.99 I think these will quickly become my summer drink of choice. I also like how it is made with green coffee extract made from 100 % unroasted Arabica coffee beans to give me that extra kick of caffeine when on deck. One of best things about the the canned Refreshers is that they are available in more than 300 grocery & convenience stores and gas stations across Canada.  Basically, I can get them anywhere I go in order to keep me going.

Has anyone else tried one of the new ready to serve Refreshers? Let me know! 

And just so you are ready…#GoBlueFins !!

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