Road Trip : Guthrie Kids Top Apps & Simon’s Cat Videos

Katie and Andie both have an iPod Touch. Now before I get a boat load of trolls telling me my kids are spoiled….get in line behind my mother, she will agree with you.

During our long trips back & forth to Toronto the kids have each found various apps that keep them entertained. Yes there are apps besides Angry Birds.

One of Beckett’s favourite new apps is Balloonimals. Beckett does not have an iPod but he does use my iPhone. With this app Beckett self selects his deflated balloon, then blows into the phone to inflate the balloon. He then shakes it several times to create an interactive animal. The animals can roar, bark much fun. Check out the link to see this app at work. Perfect for the 4 and under crowd, with a really good cover on your phone of course!

AndiePandie, 6,  likes gaming apps but more than anything else she loves to laugh. Her laugh is infectious, she makes the entire car laugh without even knowing why! AndiePandie’s latest hilarious find is a series of short YouTube clips called Simon the Cat. A saucy little cat, who is constantly hungry and looking for some excitement. Check out Simon’s Cat  TV Dinner, just one of the hilarious videos. (BTW  This cat reminds just a little bit of Andie.) Hilarious for all ages.

Katie, 8, is a little competitive….I have  no 
idea where that comes from. Moving on, we still love Angry Birds, but a little frog has taken over first place in Katie’s eyes. Colour changing frogs, climbing frogs..I think you get the idea. Katie “wins” stars for her efforts and unlocks other levels. Lots of fun interesting games on both Tap the Frog and Tap the Frog 2. Katie is also somewhat obsessed with Pet Hotel. The more she participates the more coins she wins. Think of is as Webkinz without having to but the stuffies. Both apps are perfect for the over 6 under 10 crowd. 


I do not work for any of these companies, there are just apps/videos my kids like! 


  1. My kids would probably love Balloonimals. I will have to try that one out on our next road trip. My kids have an iPod touch, but they play my iPad more than the iPod. So if your kids are spoiled so are mine. I travel a lot with them and having the iPad is a lifesaver on the road. They can play games, watch movies, read, and watch TV through the Dish Remote Access app. A co-worker at Dish told me about this app and with the Sling Adapter hooked up to my receiver, the kids can watch live TV wherever we can get a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. The kids love to be able to watch all their favorite shows on the road and they stay busy for hours.

    • I don’t have an iPad but I would love to get one at Christmas time as a family gift. The kids love Tap the Frog 2 as well. Thanks for the information about the Dish Remote Access app., that looks like something I need to check out ! Thank you for the comment !

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