Running with Colours in Ottawa

GMC Canada invited my family and I to participate in the “Color Run” in Ottawa as part of the Chevy Ottawa team. I was not asked to write this post nor compensated except for my race fees. The following views, opinions experiences and pictures are my own. 

Before you read my post, yes I know the word colour is written in various forms i.e. colour – color….get over it, there is a reason and it does make sense. 

My girls and I had the opportunity to join +ChevroletCanada in Ottawa’s first ever Color Run. It was a fun expereince for all three of us. We were joined by our GMC Canada friend Veronica , the lovely +Candace Derickx and her daughters & other cheer Moms, +LifeOfK and my new baker friend Cake A Doodle. 

Here we go !!! 

We headed into the corrals to start the race, AndiePandie was doing the wave with the crowd, while trying to get a bird’s eye view of the start line. 

AndiePandie waving at the crowd 

The girls wanted to track their total steps for the race. It ended up being close to 5000 steps, the girls were very impressed with their totals.

Tracking the steps

We made it through several colour stations, the girls decided they would be able to beat me in this race….bring it on girls…bring it on 🙂 

We loved the purple station!

As we travelled through the course we chatted with other families some with strollers & wagons, partners with pets, and collective teams of runners. The girls seemed to have inherited my gift of gab and the race flew by. AndiePandie cannot wait to sign up for her next race, she loved seeing her accomplishments on the pedometer. 

We made it to the finish line and it was time to head home to celebrate AndiePandie’s birthday. It was a great time together, this was our first “Team Guthrie” race with GMC Canada but it will not be our last. 

Thank you GMC Canada for including the Guthrie Girl’s on your team. We loved being part of #ChevyColorRun

This is a really BAD video..I know I am not a videographer…but come on I was running at the time with my iPhone in my hand. Such a happy moment for AndiePandie, KT and I.

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