Saunders Country Critters 3 years later & A perfect day in North Grenville

AndiePandie & the Goats

Before Baby boy could walk we made our trek out to Saunders Country Critters . A very small cute zoo & animal sanctuary of sorts. At the time I had three children under the age of 5 and getting out of the house was a chore. Off we went and the girls had a wonderful time, feeding, petting and seeing animals in comfortable environments. The first time we went it was truly no longer than an hour from start to finish. This time, three years later, it was approximately an hour and a half. This is the type of morning event you want to do with the under 8 age group. Perfect amount of walking and lots of shade as you make your way around to each animal environment. I suppose you could pack a picnic lunch and stay for a long time, but I think this is the perfect 10 am – 11:30 activity. This is NOT the Toronto Zoo, it is a family & volunteer run home for animals. There is small gift shop with water and ice cream but you will not be inundated by mass marketing at this place. A word of advice the animals go for naps at noon, you can see them lazying about in their areas, but morning is the best time to see them active.

Katie & the Lamas

Beckie & the Crazy Chickens

I had a slight epiphany yesterday as I sat at Riverside Park: listening to the women Zumba in the pool; the skate boarders shred at the local skate park (created by the Giver program); soccer players on the pitches; tennis players on the courts;  lawn bowlers bowling and my kids screaming around the play structure how lucky we are in North Grenville.

So, I decided I needed to create the perfect play day itinerary:

10:00 am – Arrive at Saunders Country Critters.

11:30 am – Leave Saunders Country Critters and go to The Crusty Baker for some hand crafted (chocolate & banana) crepes, warm sea salt and basil baguettes & flaky deserts to go.

11:40 am – Walk up the street to Geronimo’s for a cup of coffee from a true barista.

11:50 – Walk over to Riverside Park for a picnic lunch and listen to the tennis players enjoy their afternoon match while the kids play on the play structure & sand pits.

1:00 (ish) – Head over to the Kemptville Pool  for a refreshing afternoon swim

2:30 – Return to the park to dry off and polish off any Crusty Baker remnants

3:00 – Walk over the newly built libaray to cool off and check out the latest best sellers for the family.

Home for a rest 🙂

BTW  – I do not work for any of the above businesses, nor did I receive compensation for this post. This in my opinion be be an excellent day in Kemptville & Area.

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