Saunders Farm at its Finest – 20 years of Fall Fun!

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Guthrie Fall Family Adventures 
What a busy weekend in Ottawa! Our first family adventure started at Saunders Farm, we were invited to a costume birthday party. We had visited the farm earlier this summer, it was a fairly quiet yet fun event. In the fall however Saunder’s Farm shines it’s brightest. All the staffers are in full Halloween mode, with music, costumes, musicals and treats! I was surprised at the sheer number of people, but with the huge amount of space to explore of the farm, I never really noticed the crowds. 
There was a variety of food & activities for my under 8 crowd. My only concern about the entire experience was the washroom situation. My kids are scared of port a potties, weird but true. I think the girls might be a little claustrophobic like me, Andie wretches on cue as soon as she opens the door. The are only 3 or 4 ‘real toilets in one area near the entrance of the farm and there was consistently busy. And for you city slickers thinking about coming out, the Saunders in on well water so it has a certain eau d’ country smell, if you know what I mean. 
KT ready to party! 
Bring your own snacks and you can save money. However, there are lots of choices including beavertails, award winning fries and candy apples. We all loved the Apple Chucker and Corn Launcher, especially Beckett. The Adventure Wagon Ride is a tamed down version of the Spooky Wagon ride. I will warn you however (without giving away all the good parts) there  were several scary parts were just enough to make me cringe. HINT: If you go on the ride with little ones, sit in the middle bench and do not sit at the back.  Overall an A rating for Saunders, think of it as a mini Halloween Disneyland just outside of Ottawa. 
Saunders Farm recently lost one of their young talents. Jamie Hubley was an Ottawa teen, who recently committed suicide. As part of the Saunders Farm ‘family’ he will be missed. A fundraiser in honour of Jamie was held on Friday October 22, 2011. It was very honourable of Saunders to help others, who like Jamie are struggling. Kudos for your efforts. 

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