Seeing Red with Target Canada

Target Canada continues to make my shopping experience pleasant & adventurous. Being part of the #ThankFall team has been a very organic and natural fit for my blog, my family and our needs. My shopping includes seasonal items like Halloween decorations…. 

A new twist on pumpkin decorating 

fun bake ware for the little foodies in my house..

KT’s first attempt at an orange pumpkin cake

and an updated Keurig 2.0 for all my morning caffeine needs. 

Welcome home ! 

Target Canada also gives back to the community, including our veteran’s and military service personnel. Today, my children and I visited out local Target store in Smith Falls, we call it our home store. The staff are friendly and I feel as if it is one of the most well stocked stores in the Ottawa region. 

We were greeted by Walter, a veteran volunteering his time this morning for the first day of the  Royal Canadian Legion’s annual poppy campaign. All three kids wanted a poppy bracelets to help remember the sacrifice’s our veterans have made for a peaceful Canada and safer world. 

After chatting with Walter, we continued with our weekly Target shopping trip. Today, being the day after Halloween, all of the Halloween decorations, costumes and candy were 50% off. You might say I stocked up…..

I did speak to Maggie, at customer service, today as she was helping me check out with all of my Halloween treasures.  Maggie asked if I had a Red Card and explained to me the benefits of the card…actually that is a lie…..she actually sang the benefits of the card to me, well the first part anyway.

 (Dear Maggie, so sorry if I missed some of the words or wrote them incorrectly, I will make a video of it next week so the world can here your tune!)

“Do you want to get a Red Card 
It’s very easy as you know. 
You get 5% back every time, 
You use the C-A-R-D, 

Do you want to get a Red Card…Ok, fine” 
(Sang to the tune of Do You Want to Build a Snowman) 

Maggie, told me how much she loved working at Target. During our short interaction, many shoppers said hello as they passed by the customer service desk. It was obvious she made an impact on many customers in the Smith Fall store. Maggie thanked me as we finished our transaction. Funny, I’m looking forward to seeing her next Saturday and hearing her sing the song for my blog. I now have a Red Card and I am earning 5% from every transaction, which will add up to help me save even more money. 

More great news, until Nov 10th if you sign up for a REDcard you receive an additional 5% off one purchase. 

You can follow @Target Canada for specials, deals and upcoming sales. Don’t forget to follow me @Sherriemae23 on Twitter and the #TargetRedCardCA team. 
We are looking forward to more #GuthrieFamilyAdventures coming soon with Target Canada.  

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