Six Years in the Making – Finding my Bliss

My first Blissdom Canada was a scary experience. I knew no one, I had no idea what to expect and I was rooming with a stranger. Six years later, I am attending the conference as a sponsor, meeting people who are in the very same situation I was at my first Blissdom. At every Blissdom there has been several constants, one of them being GM Canada. They brought me safely to my first Blissdom and did the same for my last conference this year.

I attended as a single blogger and never having worked with a brand. I soaked in as much information as possible, listened to the experts and awkwardly started conversations with a smile. I had virtually met many other bloggers and social media folk before attending Blissdom but very few in person. It was not often that I felt alone or isolated during my first conference, but there was a sprinkling of FOMO. To this end, I feel as if that is why I wanted to go out of my way to make the newbies feel welcomed and part of the cohort.

Over the years I met bloggers who made life changing decisions and stood true to their moral compass, they inspired me. I model the behaviour of those that possess the positive & professional persona that I am still working to obtain.

Two years ago, I began a conversation with Active for Life. I applied for a social media job after a mini workshop at Blissdom Canada about preparing your professional blogger resume. I sadly, did not get the job. However, I started on a path towards finding my passion in social media. Active for Life is grounded in awareness, education and and the importance of giving the gift of physical literacy to our children and in turn our grandchildren. I began as a Role Model, being featured on their site, helping them host a twitter party and my intertwining my educational expertise with my physical literacy awareness.

At the conference our Active for Life team,  had the opportunity to help fellow conference cohorts release their inner child. We hopscotched, hoola hooped, teeter-tottered, threw socks, made fortune tellers and encouraged everyone to take the Parent Promise.

On a side note, as much as I appreciated the all of the organized speakers, events and fantastic meals this was not where I learned the most from Blissdom Canada this year. Organizing our Active for Life booth at 5:30 am, unscheduled breakfast meetings, funtastical shopping trips to Collingwood and impromptu encounters over coffee was where I found my Bliss. These moments of clarity gave me the chance to reconnect, solidify relationships and give recognition.

I was, as others observed, in my element. I expelled an absorbent amount of energy at the conference, I filled my soul with all the good karma I could find. There are too many people to thank and team members that I collaborated with during our four days name. Just thank you, for your kinds words, congratulations and engaging with me at Blissdom as part of the Active for Life family. Thank you also to GMC Canada, to whom I will continue to be their unofficial ambassador.

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