Snow Pants, Slippery Slopes and Frozen Pee

After months of talking about taking the family skiing we finally took the plunge over the March Break. I signed the kids and I up for lessons, because I knew that if I was teaching them on or all of us would only end up in tears.

Dad at the top of the bunny hill & I’m at the bottom. 

My biggest challenge? Not the hills, not the skiing but coming to the realization that my XL snow pants no longer fit. It is a fine line between snuggly fitting snow pants and impossibly tight ones. I could not bend over to put my ski boots on, there are still marks on my muffin top (or as I call it my bakers dozen top) and if I had fallen I might have split the assets out of my snow pants. Weirdly enough, it was a good thing to have ill fitting snow pants. It made me realized the depth of inactivity I have sunk into since leaving teaching. It also demonstrated that I can laugh at myself, have fun with my kids and laugh at myself. Yes, I also decided that it maybe time to make some other changes.

Oh you know it’s true! 

My children mean more to me then I care to explain. I am the definition of a helicopter parent, just look it in google…my picture is there. But when we were skiing I had to let go. I let go of their hands and let them fly down the hills. I can’t describe the feeling of getting off the chair lift with my entire family (+1) and skiing down the fast spring ski hills as a family. 

My family on the life behind me

We laughed, we fell and we cheered as we raced towards to ski lift. Besides our time at the cottage I have never felt like more of a family unit then I did at that exact moment. When AndiePandie was approaching the bottom of a black diamond for the first time, turned her skis into the ‘french fry’ position, raised her arms triumphantly and screamed “YAHOO” I knew the Guthrie herd had found our next family adventure as a skiing family.

AndiePandie trying out snowboarding 

We took our lesson from Gordon, a lovely British gentleman who had no idea what he was getting into with four Guthrie’s in his group. We covered more of the basics including the dreaded ski lift dismount and how to handle the big hills in icy conditions. At the end of the lesson, KT’s feet were cold (my bad, wrong socks picked out her mother)  Andie Pandie wanted to ski black diamonds with her Dad, so Beckett and I decided to tackle the blue hill Clifford (of course we did).  Beckett snuggled up next to me on the lift as de ascended the hill, in the quiet of ride he whispers to me:

“Mommy, I don’t have to pee anymore.”

“When did you have to pee, Beckett?”

“At the top of the hill, but I didn’t want to go inside.

What did you do? 

I just peed  a little bit in my snow pants and it was so warm”

“OK, Buddy, but next time  we have go into the chalet to pee”

3 hours later…

“Mommy, don’t be mad”

“What’s up BooBoo?”

“I peed ALOT this time, but everything is warm now, even my ski boots.
Don’t worry, all the pee is in my snow pants. That’s what they made snow pants for right Mommy, so you don’t have to leave the hill to pee”

Yes, babe…that is exactly why they made them….

At the rental return I made a full disclosure about the pee filled boots, threw out the sopping wet pee infused socks, and carefully removed the pee-pee’d snow pants, track pants and underpants and wrapped him Beckett up in his comfy pj’s and housecoat.

“See Mommy, no problem at all. I never have to stop skiing now”

Smile and carry on! 

Being active together this March Break made all the difference in the world to us. We decided we cannot wait to hit the ski hills next year bakers-dozen-muffin top, pee filled snow pants and all.

We will be on the hill in 8 short months! 

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