So Donnie Walberg and Wayne Gretzky Walk into a bar……

It is not a secret that I loath boy bands. Maybe it was the region I lived in or the crowd I hung around with but being a fan of New Kids on the Block or The Back Street Boys would have been a perfect reason for me to get beaten up on a daily basis.

When the offer came up to go with a good egg, (you know the type someone whom you enjoy spending time with and laugh with a lot) I jumped at it. A night out with a friend, no kids and an arena filled with fun people, what could go wrong?

Before I launch into a tirade about the terribleness of the situation, I want to be very clear. These view are my own opinions and the lens that I view the world from.  I respect your view, I implore you to respect mine.

1. Besides going to see Oprah, I have never been to a place where women gathered for such an exciting event. People watching at “The Package Tour” was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

2. I am still shocked at the number of people who smoke. Walking into the concert and leaving Scotiabank Place I was literally walking into a cloud of toxic second hand smoke. Cancer sucks my friends and smoking is a direct cause, I just don’t understand.

3. Handmade signs and the gangs of woman with vintage concert t’s from the 90’s displayed the depth of commitment these fans had for their boy band members. It would be like me wearing a Gretzky jersey from his first year as an Oiler, talk about commitment. 

4. I am not sure if it was the technical team that was having an off night or if all the good sound equipment was held up at the Canadian border but dear god the reverberation & echos were horrendus. Seriously, the sound sucked. 

5. Donnie Walberg was the star of the show, from start to finish he had the attention of all the women. Boyz to Men, 98 Degrees & the rest of the NKOTB crew were out shone my Mr. Walberg’s enthusiasm and overall physical presence. 

6. I don’t go to strip clubs, nor Chippendale shows for a reason, it is just not for me. When the boys began thrusting in unison and showing off their abs I knew I was done. Put a fork in me Laurel...we are going home! 

And we did…go home that is. 

Now before the legions of haters come at me guns blazing, re-read the post. I did something called the swimming technique, good comment then bad comment etc. I found the good in an awful situation and had a fabulous time with my #egg Laurel. That was the best thing about the night, spending time with a friend. A close second is now that I see what fantastic showman Donnie Walberg is,  I think I might start watching his TV show.  I wonder if that presence is as powerful on Blue Bloods as it in in person? 

Hey Laurel…. hear the Back Street Boys are coming on tour as well….wanna go? 

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