Spreading Good Karma with Subway’s #SaveLunchBreak

I have had my fair share of lunch bag let downs. From finding moldy bread on my egg salad sandwich to surviving a yogurt explosion of epic proportions, creating lunches I look forward to has been a challenge. Coupled with the fact that there is little time for actually sitting down to eat. I am usually eating as I am solving issues with students, writing reports or in between returning parent phone calls. It makes for a quick and sometime messy nutrition break. 

Subway Canada is looking to change how we eat lunch. On Tuesday November 3rd (which is National Sandwich Day) by encouraging customers to #SaveLunchBreak by taking a dedicated break away from work. 

To sweeten the incentive to take a break, SUBWAY® is offering a ‘Buy One; Share One’ meal deal ALL DAY on National Sandwich Day (November 3rd). Customers who purchase any SUBWAY® sandwich and any drink will receive a second sandwich of equal or lesser value to give to a person of their choice.

The #SaveLunchBreak movement stemmed from a recent survey* that SUBWAY® commissioned to uncover the current lunch habits of working professionals which suggests that people are experiencing ‘recess withdrawal’ and rarely take lunch.”

According to the survey: 

  • 70 per cent of workers take a lunch break that is 30 minutes or less
  • 20 per cent of millennials take fewer than 15 minutes for lunch, as compared to 11 % of GenX
  • More than half of all workers wish they could take a nap during lunch, with millennials leading the way over Gen Xers (57 per cent vs. 46 per cent)
  • 49 per cent feel they would snack less and make better meal choices if they took a lunch break

The survey also found most workers report they would prefer to reach for a sandwich piled high with meat and veggies (27 per cent) before a greasy burger with a side of fries (21 per cent), last night’s leftovers (21 per cent), a salad with mixed greens (16 per cent) or snacks from the vending machine (3 per cent).

I plan on sending in OA’s off for lunch together. This is something they rarely to never get to do. Truthfully, they are an indispensable part of our school team and they deserve a real lunch break. 

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