Starbucks Canada is Giving You Time

My time is precious and often I will skip the coffee line to get to work a few minutes early. A few extra moments to prep for the day, review the week ahead and get my game face on for whatever comes through my office door, outweighs my need for a good cup of coffee.


Starbucks Canada has launched a new service to give you back some of your time. You can order your latte, breakfast sandwich or snack and pay without ever standing in a lineup. I have used the mobile pay several times, once from inside the store. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my name was called by the barista. And yes, they remembered to put the honey in my latte. 
Of course, this eliminated the ability for me to pick up a treat at the counter,  but I digress. 
After my early morning, order and pay ahead experience, I was able to get to school just as the sun was rising over our school yard. 
I am giving away a $25.00 Starbucks Canada gift card. You can enter below & experience the time-saving service I did at my Hunt Club location in Ottawa. 


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