Swiss Chalet First Timer!

I must admit previous to this experience given to me by, I had never eat or ordered from Swiss Chalet . I know strange but true! However I am now a believer. I was able to order online from my computer at school and pick up the ready to go meal at the restruant on my way home. Does it really get any easier that this? While I was at the pick up counter, I spoke with Kelly the manger who asked how far my drive was. She was able to repack my dinner order to make sure it stayed warm on the commute home. There was probably 15 people in and out during my short visit to Swiss Chalet, and everyone was served quickly. The true test was when I got home, and to my amazement they like it!
The chicken, salad and buns were quickly gobbled up but my 3 hungry kids. The mini- M&M’s were a nice touch for dessert. We will be ordering again from Swiss Chalet.

Thank you to @everythingmom for the 50.00 gift card and opportunity to participate!

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