Taking the Stress out of Making Back to School Lunches

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Back to school time means back to making school lunches. This year, each day, I will have four school lunches to make and one back to the office lunch. We have a rule in our home for lunches: one fruit; one veggie; one dairy; one bread/carbohydrate and one treat. There are no pop, chips, chocolate bars or gum allowed in our lunches even as a treat…ever. 

In order to make making lunches a little less stressful we have assigned each Guthrie a job. KT is in charge of the fruit. Whether it be a fruit salad, sliced fruit or whole fruit KT is in charge of prepping 5 separate fruits selections each day for our lunches. 

AndiePandie is in charge of veggies. She will put all the washed veggies in 5 containers along with dip for each person. Beckie is in charge of the treats. I buy a selection of nut free treats and his job is making sure each person gets a treat in their lunch. DH leaves the house first, now I have not discussed this with him yet, but I am hoping he will put all the lunches in the backpacks. I am in charge of the water bottles, ice packs, napkin, a final check for cutlery and a happy note from me. That one simple task assigned to each Guthrie will make our lives much easier and in turn our exit out of the house quicker each morning. 

Beckie decided to make a picture with his Mott’s Fruitsation +Veggies treats

Now despite the fact that there are fruit and veggies packed into their lunches does not mean the Guthrie children eat their healthy snacks each day. I try to make sure that we have gluten free, naturally flavoured snacks like Motts’s Fruitsations +Veggies in our pantry cupboard. Having three children in school full time ranging in age from 4 to 10 years of age, it is hard to find a snack they all like. This summer we tried several sample boxes of the Fruitsation snacks and all three Guthrie’s liked both the taste and texture. 

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