Technology Trends for Back to School with Staples Canada

Disclosure – *My family and I tested several products. We were compensated by Staples Canada for this review, the opinions expressed are my own & belong to me. 

Technology and education go hand in hand. There is no doubt that technology is a tool that can be used to help students learn but the question is which device is the best for your child. I have three very different learners in my home. Beckett is a hands on learner, he enjoys the act of doing instead of hearing how to complete a task. For a learner like Beckett an iPad mini is a great tool. It is perfect for his body size, it is portable and with the right protective cover almost indestructible. He feels empowered with his learning and over the summer I believe is has also helped refine his fine motor skills.

AndiePandie is constantly in motion, she never stops moving. She is also a selective learner, meaning she will only learn in selective and a preferred environment.  Andie has difficulty focusing with background noises in the classroom. This summer we have been experimenting with noise cancelling head phones whenever she read or worked on the iPad. For an learner like AndiePandie an iPad and Beats by Dr. Dre would assist her the most in her learning. She has come so far this summer with the iPad, she is able to choose apps she like and feels like she has some control in her learning. Giving her the autonomy to be her own independent learner has giving my girl more confidence in going back to school this fall.

My oldest KT loves school, seriously everything about it. Her favourite subject by far is Math, especially graphing, algebra and measurement. She thrives in an organized environment and is an auditory learner. KT can listen to instructions and complete the task without issue. Don’t get me wrong she is very active, but she prefers to be active in the pool rather than while learning. For KT the best idea is a lap top computer. KT loved trying out the HP Pavilion with Windows 8 and touch screen capabilities. Everything had it’s place on the home page and it made sense to her,  KT really appreciated the full keyboard to research and complete her summer assignments. 

Looking at the price point on each item, they are all reasonably priced when amortized over a 3-4 year period. With three children in school full time, and my oldest starting at the high school in the next two years,  I need to make sure they are prepared for being learners in the 21st century. Staples Canada has experts on hand to also help with the questions parents have. I was especially questioning the support offered, as I am not a PC girl.  My local Staples Canada store has been fabulous with support they listened to my questions and actually walked me through the steps when I was struggling with a computer issue. Back to school is just around the corner and Staples has everything my family and I need to be technologically prepared. Educators remember you can still take advantage of Staples Canada Teacher Appreciation Days continue until September 7th, 2013. 

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