Tell Me All Things I Wasn’t

All The Things I Am According to Andie 

It has been quite the month, emotionally, physically and professionally. Not that I regret any decisions I  made, however I missed friends, experiences and an opportunity to reconnect myself with my social media counterparts this fall. 

In short, I did not attend SheBlogs Media first ever conference, I missed the highlight of my social media year which is attending Blissdom Canada, and more importantly I was absent from the conversations that make the rest of my social media year energized. It is because of all the things that I am, I could not attend this years festivities & celebrations. 

 Things I Am: 
 – A Parent, Wife, Sister, Sister In Law, Niece, Cousin & Furry Parent
 – A Friend & Good Neighbour 
 – Part of a School Team 
 – Coach & Volunteer
 – Athletic Enthusiast & Ottawa Senator Fan 
 – Believer in all good things come in time & that  I can change the world by being kind

I work with some amazing people, brands, PR firms, social media teams and agencies that allow me to be myself and express my opinions, while at the same time experience amazing once in a lifetime opportunities. These conferences allow me the opportunity to reshape and redefine my direction. As simplistic as it sounds, writing it down & vetting my thoughts with other social media mavens assists me in staying focused & reminding myself of the goal I have for my social media career. To those of you I missed at our conferences, I cannot wait to connect again, I enjoyed every tweet, post, picture and online adventure you shared. Thank you, it felt as if I was there with you. 

Grapes of Wrath – All Things I Wasn’t  One of the best Canadian songs I have ever had the privilege of hearing live in concert during my university days and I borrowed the title for this post.  

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