Terra20 Media Event – Ottawa

I have to say this out loud…..I love going to events that are relevant to my family and lifestyle. One of my favourite “Mom-Only” activities is to attend media events like this meet new people, network with other media folk and be introduced to new products & services. This week I had the opportunity to go a new shop in Ottawa, which is eco-focused and socially conscious, called Terra20. It is located right beside IKEA in the Pinecrest mall. The entire feel of the store is organic in nature. From the layout of the store to the product lines, it feels like a well thought-out welcoming environment. Here are some of my favourite items and moments from the media launch.

I love notebooks, journals and cute note pads. I think it’s because I am a teacher and I write so many notes each day. This notebook in the school section of Terra20 store caught my eye. Maybe it was the apples, but I love this and I love that I can feel good about this purchase.  
My children have received several Sprig toys over the years. I love the all natural feel of the toys and back story of how the toys are made. I had an opportunity to speak to the suppliers and the staff at Terra20. The first thing I found endearing was the stories the employees shared with the tour groups. It was obvious that each person was hand picked and working in their specialized field. Each supplier I spoke with detailed the reduced carbon footprint or positive impact their product was making on the planet. By far the toy section was my favourite.  
I was a little star stuck at this event. Kathy Smart was serving a strawberry dipped in a healthy chocolate-fig dip. If you don’t know Kathy, she is a ball of energy and fun. Kathy is a Healthy Living Consultant  who will help you improve your health and well-being with her friendly advice and cooking ideas. Her Gluten-free cookbook Live the Smart Way is on my Christmas list. She is just one of those people you want as your friend. 
One of the most exciting parts of the store was the ecobar. I am happiest when my house is clean, but I dislike using harsh chemicals. When I saw the ecobar had alternatives for most of my household cleaners I was impressed. More impressive was the price. We have an HE washer and I am embarrassed to admit that I was spending upwards of 30.00 on each box of laundry soap. The price point on the medium bottle of HE laundry soap was 7 dollars. With the ecobar’s refill policy, I receive .75 cents back when I reuse & refill my  bottles,  it is completely affordable for my budget. 
Bottom line to this post is I will be back. This looks like a store I will likely buy birthday gifts, back to school supplies and especially cleaning products. 
DISCLAIMER – I have not been compensated for this post, I was invited to the media opening and loved it! The opinion expressed are my own. 

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