The Build a Bear Fiasco

Beckie and his girlfriend.

You, my readers know I love my children more than anything on this planet, and those very close to me know I spoil them. Yes spoil people, if you have been to my house you know it is a walking toy commercial. So when my AndiePandie was sick for her birthday party and Katie’s birthday was just around the corner, we decided to have one big party.
Both girls wanted to go to Build a Bear, no problem I thought I don’t have to clean the house! We have our  own bus (yes I said that out loud) so when I pulled up to the the community centre and 23 little bodies got on I realized how much this might cost.
We arrived at Build A Bear at Bayshore early, the entire party started chanting Let Us In, Let Us In..nope not kidding. As the gate lifted, the party begun to rush the bears like fans at a rock concert. One of the Build A Bear staffers, Jean, shouted STOP… and to my amazement they all stopped in their tracks. Wow I was already impressed!

Singing to the Bayshore crowd.

Getting to the good part of this blog. After they had all picked out their bears, 30 of them stood in line waiting to get their bears stuffed. Then, the world famous Build a Bear stuffer stopped working. The staffers were keeping the party hopping with games, chants and activities, as I watched the manager get on the situation. She pushed, pulled and called head office, checked the switches, and prayed. Nothing worked. We,  I mean parent helpers, all 5 Build A Bear staffers and the manager sat on the floor with huge containers of bear stuffing & started stuffing. I did not think this at the time, but we had a BLAST. The kids never knew the difference, it took a long time to stuff bears, but is was FUN!
Why is almost a paid post? Honestly, the manager did the right thing, the entire party was free. Yep, every little Bear was free for my 30 party go-ers. At $12 per kid that was a huge bonus. I decided to buy each kid a Birthday Bear t – shirt, it was the least I could do to say my thank you to the manager.

Staffers at their best!

This is an example of a manger, staff and company that knows what customer service really is. Again, I was blogging about this experience before the party happened and was going to write a follow up blog. But now I have a reason, and the reason is good customer service…and I have been back to Build a Bear for 3 of my friends parties since then. The good word has been passed around. Is this a paid blog? You decided, my thoughts are it’s not.

Cynthia is the manager, we have spoken on several occasions, she’s a Mom and “gets” it. I will be back and so will my friends. Thanks to the staff at Build a Bear Bayshore who made my daughters party the best it could be. Here is the info:

Build-A-Bear Workshop®

Bayshore Shopping Centre
100 Bayshore Drive
OttawaOntario K2B 8C1
Telephone: 613 596-9884
Fax: 866-347-6931


  1. That is awesome! I think it’s so cool that you all sat down together and stuffed 30 bears for the kids. I think it’s even more cool that the manager didn’t charge you for the bears. But what really takes the cake is that you still made a purchase and supported a business with excellent customer service. Cheers to that!

  2. Hi Sherrie!

    I just wanted to let you know that you won a prize at Mommy Kat and Kids! Hop over to check it out, and then send me an email for the details! 🙂

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