The Guthrie Family’s Top 3 Ubisoft/Nintendo Games for Christmas 2010!

Blogher was an amazing experience for me. One of the biggest reasons it was successful was meeting Scott from Ubisoft/Nintendo. I tried to find companies that I could associate with, meaning family friendly companies I would be proud to represent. My family and I have had the pleasure of testing out many of Nintendo DS & Wii games. These are our top 3 picks for the 2010 Christmas season. 

My kids love their DS’s and so do I, especially on long trips. Katie, 7 and Andie, 5 tested out Petz Fantasy Sunshine Magic and Petz Fantasy Moonlight Magic. The girls loved the 40 different magical Petz. The dressed, fed, cleaned and played with their Petz. As a Mom I feel this game helped my children develop a greater sense of empathy. In a world where video game violence is the norm here was a game that encouraged a positive attribute in my children. The game has mini games within its games to keep the kids fully engaged. Out all of the games we tested this is by far our favourite kids DS game. 

Our top pick for Family game is Wii Dance and Wii Dance Broadway. It was amazing watching the 2 year old and teenagers all getting down to “Who Let the Dogs Out”. All four kids could play at once and watch their progress during the dance. Wii Broadway introduced my children to classic Broadway songs like “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Hairspray”. Not only did they learn the dances but they also sing the songs now. Wii Dance Broadway avatars dance on a stage with period costumes and hairstyles. Love the attention to detail! This is a fabulous game for the active family, especially during those cold winter days. 

My last review is an adult game. We thought this game was HILARIOUS! Four of us could play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire simultaneously, and create our own avatars. I have to admit we have had several impromptu “get togethers” and ended up playing this game all night long. We have a long standing Friday night games night with some close friends, they can’t wait to see what new games have arrived. However, we always come back to this one as our favourite. General knowledge questions make it accessible to all. Having a Christmas party? Think of this game as the ultimate ice-breaker for new couples coming together or old friends looking for a new twist to the classic get together. You will not be disappointed! 

All these games are available at WalMart, Toys R Us & Online (Canada & US). I was given a copy of each of the games to test with my family, these opinions are my own and are my intellectual property. 

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