The Hardest Conversation

Tonight, I sat down with our little family and told them our beloved 18 year old cat Phoebe died in her sleep last night.

Phoebe snuggled up on her favourite pillow just before bed. 

Phoebe-Cat has lived with us for 14 years. Phoebe and our first dog Tippie had a love hate relationship. They would fight over the water dish but end up sharing the same spot in front of the fire.  Snickers & Easton were terrified of her for years. Phoebe was a big fluffy-butt cat and would repeated smack the puppies on the nose and backsides as they tried to pass her on the stairs. As puppies, Snickers and Easton would whimper at the bottom of the stairs to pick them up because Phoebe would be blocking their way. Our two new kittens, Tigger and Edgar snuggled up with her on a daily basis, they really didn’t give her a choice. 

My oldest and I just cried together, she asked if Phoebe was in any pain.  AndiePandie had so many questions about how we knew she had really died and were we sure she just wasn’t just in a deep sleep. AndiePandie needed to see her resting in peace. Beckett, wasn’t sure what to say…he walked off quietly to his room. I found him a few minutes later, he asked if he could send another letter to Santa and ask for Phoebe to come back for Christmas and cried a angry six year old cry. 

I explained to the kids that Phoebe must have been waiting for us to bring the kittens into our home, so she could pass away knowing that we had cats to give us the love she no longer could.  We also decided that Phoebe and Tippie must be in Heaven together watching over us. 

This experience is a first for my children and I am sure this will lead to further conversations about life, death and everything in between. For now we will remember our French cat, her tenacious attitude and lack of mouse catching skills. 

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