The Slaughter of the Turtles

It was a cold December morning when I can came across the carnage. There were splotches of blood red and bone white scattered across my living room. I counted at least each eight empty carcasses with their brown innards exposed.

The horror of their little brown pecan limbed bodies devoured by hungry humans from the southern ontario tribe filled my imagination. Small droppings of skin coloured milk chocolate and the smell of carmel intestines filled the room. I could only imagine the feeding frenzy that took place the night before and their ultimate swirly ending.

This morning as I took out the recycling I actually hid a couple of the Turtles boxes under the newspapers just so that my neighbours did not know how glutenous we were in two short weeks.

This leads me to the next challenge of 2013. A very wise person once told me ” it’s not what you eat between December and January but what you eat between January and December. I’m not talking about the dreaded ‘D’ more just a parring back of treats and yes I will be wearing my SAVE THE TURTLES t-shirt with pride.


  1. You had me going there for a while. I thought you were talking about REAL turtles! LOL And I totally need to cut back on treats. I mean, I’m all for saving the turtles.

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