The truth about Fluid Dynamics – Channelling my Inner Geek

I could hear the buzz of the pool pump clicking on and off. It was getting louder, I was sure of it. At  4 am I finally when downstairs to see what was going on with our new pool. I was completely unprepared for what I saw…my pool was empty. My thought process in actual real time: Aliens, it had to be Aliens stealing our water; no a leak there is a leak in the pool and (of course the most reasonable  thought) kids what did they do this time.

Missing: Pool Water..Can you help?

Turns out that it all has to do fluid dynamics. This is how Sheldon would explain it……

And this is how Penny would explain it …..
It turns out after you clean you pool, if you leave the one end of the vacuum hose inside the pool and the other end on an angle slightly over the edge of the pool..this is the result. 
One Unhappy Little Swimmer
Just for the record, I was not the one who left the hose dangling precariously  over the side of the pool. I have taken this event on a teachable moment for our kids and I. Fluid Dynamics is actually a very cool part of chemical engineering and the kids enjoyed watching videos and learning about it. I learned that is takes almost 24 hours to fill your pool at a cost of close to two hundred dollars. 
Happy Swimming! 

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  1. LOL – oh my…I can imagine how flabbergasted you were when you saw the pool was empty.

    Science/physics is cool…glad you turned it into a teachable moment and not just a palm-to-face moment!

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