This is not a paid review. Drool, Sherri & Good Karma

First, I want to clear the air. This is my first product review, so if I miss any of the important parts, please feel free to let me know. 

I put it out into the Twitterverse, that my then 6 month old was using my breast as a chew toy. Blood, crying and tempers flaring…it was ugly! I received lots of hang in there’s, I know what you mean…but one tweet @babyhuggables, said we have this product called a Droolie Boolie. Now if you know me at all, you know I love to shop. But I hesitate at online shopping, because of security reasons (my father is an ex police officer and scarred the day lights out of me about online predators).

I was desperate, the biting had put me on the edge, I mean I am usually close to the end, but this was torture. So I bought it, a Droolie Boolie. Approx 20.00 Canadian and it arrived at my house in 2 days later. I barely got it out of the package and Beckett started to chew to his hearts content. Yes, the saviour of my boobie had arrived.

Here is what the total package looked like.
 But that’s not why I was so impressed. Inside the package was a handwritten note, from the owner, Sherri. I am not talking about a “computer generated” handwritten note, this was real. It was a thank you, how to use and basic synopsis about the company. As well, information about other products and a free sample of baby soap. Sherri asked about Beckett and how the teething was going, and it I had any questions, concerns, comment to please let her know. Seriously? I never got a call from VW when I spent 40,000 on a car?
Never in my life had I received such excellent customer service, with such a personal touch. Sherri, knows what good customer service is and that is why I am a repeat customer. I know you are asking yourself..oh yeah she must work for them, or it must have been free…nope and nope. Although if Baby Huggables was in Canada, or needed a Canadian counterpart I would be first in line. This is my first product endorsement, hey you never know at some point in my blogging career I might get paid for it, but right now I am just sending my Good Karma, to Sherri at BabyHuggables. 
Thanks Sherri, for making my small purchase important to you and your company, as well for making my son happy!
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  1. I am so thankful for your review, but more thankful that your son is no longer using your breast as a teething ring.. ouch.. I can so relate..

    Thank you for your wonderful review on the “Droolie Boolies”. Customer service is number one to me which is probably the reason customers through out the USA, Canada, and the UK return to purchase from me all the time. I enjoy meeting new people and if I purchased from my own company, I would want to be treated really nice.. so I treat everyone really nice who shops with me and through out the year.. sending small samples through the mail, online e-coupons. Anything to help my customers because I want them to know it’s not a one time purchase deal and then they are forgotten.
    I am looking for Baby Huggables Couture Reps. So if anyone is interested, just let me know through the website 🙂

    Thanks again for a wonderful product review.

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