This Mother’s Day will be Different

I have decided to approach Mother’s Day from a different angle this year. Instead of figuring out what I want for this May holiday, I decided to ask myself what could give instead.

I have a wonderful Mom. She is a little spit fire, who once confessed to me that she had always wanted to be a race car driver. My Mom has been in my corner since day one and keeps me grounded, when necessary. For her, this year, I will give the gift of time. Time for us to be together, without interruption or agenda. I think she would appreciate this gift more than a trinket or symbol of love.

This is where my lens changes. I have stated before that my children have made me the compassionate person you presently know. Before my first baby arrived, I did not understand what selfless was and I saw the world in one dimension. Therefore, it only seems natural that this Mother’s Day is for my children. This weekend we will decide, as a family, what activities we want to experience together rather than it being just my choice. Again time, is the only gift I will be giving, uninterrupted and agenda-less.

Mothers come in all different shapes and forms. It truly does not have to be the person who gave birth to you that you call Mom, the sentiment of love is still as strong. 

Being a Mother does not mean you move on and forget your own Mother. In my opinion, it means we adore the person we call Mom even more as we finally know how difficult their role in our lives truly was. For those who have lost children, Mother’s Day is a time of sorrow & rejoicement  as they know how special a time it was, albeit short, to be a Mom to a special person who is no long with us physically but only in spirit. Finally, for those who no longer have a Mom, here on earth, who long to hear their voice one last time or give a Mother’s Day hug, this is a time to embrace the time you had rather then be remorseful about the time you no longer have together.

Seeing Mother’s Day as a collection of stories, rather than as a single story of Mother and child makes me appreciative of what I have. Thus, I will be celebrating my children this weekend for making me the person I am today rather then celebrating the fact I am a Mother. 

My DD9 made this video for me, DD7 was the director and choreographer…and DS4 was the star. Yes, I know he will need therapy after his years of torment from his sisters….Happy Mother’s Day my friends!

This is Beckett’s video debut…That’s my boy !

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