This Scares Me…..

I can handle most obstacles in my life but bullying scares the life out of me, literally. I want to thank the people that have stood up to the bullies and those who work to rid the world of bullying. We in Ottawa are very lucky to have the #NoMoreBullies  initiative, hosted by Majic 100’s Majic Morning Show with Angie Poirier, Stuntman Stu and Trisha Owens. This program facilitates school assemblies and encourages students to stop bullies in their tracks.

With three children at home, two girls and a little boy, my fear is I would not be able to stop the bullying in time to prevent suicide. Burying one of my children is not an option. Please support bullying campaigns in your community, school, town, province or wherever it occurs, help it stop.

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  1. Julie / @flip_4

    I don’t have kids if my own, but I have the same fears regarding my nieces and nephew.

    It really does scare the **** out of me. I hope and pray they won’t become the victims if bullying!!

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