Tim Hortons Camp Day – Reflections of a Camper

This Wednesday June 5th is Tim Hortons Camp Day. Now before you read any further, this is not a sponsored post. I was not asked to write this but I am writing because I know, first hand what a week away at a Tim Hortons camp can do for a child.

A local Tim Horton’s franchisee asked if I could nominate a student who would benefit a week of leadership activities, positive role models and character development. Let’s be honest, everyone of my students deserved this opportunity, but I had to look past my bias and decided who would benefit the most from this experience.

“This student rarely smiled and hated when someone spoke down to them. Their passion was for reading & engaging in augmentative debate, this was the perfect choice. We made sure this student had everything they needed, shoes, shorts, clothing, an old digital camera and our encouraging words about the adventure before them. Our camper came back with a little sun on their face and a new view point. We were not looking for miracles, just a different lens for this camper to see the world. Thankfully, that lens was found during their Tim Hortons Camp experience. I don’t know what the long term affects this experience will have our camper, but I witnessed the short term success of that student finding out what the best part of  themselves was.”

I will be buying coffee for my administration team & chief custodian on June 5th to help send another deserving kid to camp. My children and I will also be participating in the one of the Ottawa Running Room Tim Hortons Camp Day fun runs on June 4th, 2013.  This is an opportunity for my family and I to help out a worthwhile charity and be physically active at the same time. 

Grab a cup of coffee on Camp Day and send a kid to camp, you never know the difference you could make in a child’s life. 

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