Twitter Party Time with Active for

Active for Life is a site dedicated to get kids moving and generally gaining a life long love of movement. As an educator I use the site to find the best possible DPA and Physical Education activities for my class as well as deepen my understanding of what physical literacy is and the important part in plays in our lives.  As a parent I have found interesting articles, milestone checklists and other expert answers to my physical literacy questions. After speaking to the coordinator of the site, I realized this was the perfect site to collaborate with in order to educate others about the importance of physical literacy. 

Active for Life will be hosting their first every Twitter Party on Thursday, September 26th, from 9 to 10 pm ET. You can follow along and join in the conversation with the hash tag #PhysicalLiteracy.
The twitter party’s function will be to: 
 – Create a better understanding of physical literacy
– find a new community of friends who are asking the same questions as you are
– help kids develop physical literacy 
– fun activities to help your kids develop movement skills 
 There will be gift cards to Party City so you can host your own shin-dig in style and some AFL swag. If you would like to participate & win you have to RSVP here
I will be there encouraging participation, answering questions and helping the party fly into high gear! I hope to see you there! 
Sherrie-Mae 🙂

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